Fer Çelik was established more than a quarter century ago with a service understanding that will make a difference in the sector. Fer Çelik, which continuously increases its production capacity as a brand that is open to greening; It produces in a total area of 1600 m2, 4500 m2 open and 11500 m2 closed. In addition to the steel mesh, black wire and annealed wire it produces, it has succeeded in becoming a brand that offers quality in the international market in the fastest way from the source with its strong stock of products such as rebar, solder sheet, wire rod, profile. Fer Çelik, which maintains its production and distribution processes with a corporate approach, has all international quality certificates. Focusing on strong and high quality production, Fer Çelik joined the Kent Group of Companies in 2019 and continues to develop strategies that will add innovation to the sector.



Our vision is to become one of the successful organizations in the steel bar and steel mesh sector by gaining a wider place in the domestic and international market with its experienced employees and innovative dynamic staff.


By following technological developments and innovations, to maintain the quality of high quality steels manufactured in accordance with global standards, to maximize customer satisfaction by making timely and complete delivery of products.


FER ÇELİK manufactures standard wire mesh, special steel mesh, cold steel bar, cold drawn wire, annealed wire, cold drawn ribbed coil and flat coil products.

It aims to produce products that meet customer requirements and ensure customer satisfaction. It is committed to working in compliance with all legal requirements and continuous improvement and fulfillment of compliance obligations, continuous improvement of the engetre quality and environmental management system to improve environmental performance. 

It produces products that will reduce the possible negative impact on the environment with reliable raw materials and efficient production facilities and develops processes that reduce the use of resources.

Researches and promotes pollution prevention and control. Ensures responsibility for waste disposal and reduces the amount.

Uses recycling methods to minimize pollution impact and resource use. Monitors, controls and minimizes environmental pollution where applicable.

Train employees to recognize the issues and factors involved in customer satisfaction and the environmental impact of the company's activities and to promote good practices.

By complying with ISO 9001 and 14001 standard requirements and continuously improving its effectiveness, it aims to be the leading organization in its sector by meeting the needs and expectations of all interested parties with its integrated Quality and Environmental Management System.



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